Pastoral Counseling

About Crescent Oasis

Oasis is a place of peace and safety in the midst of trouble or difficulty. Rhonda Failoni's education, experience and heart led her to a career in Pastoral Counseling. She desires to walk alongside those looking for a refuge from their struggles.

Why Pastoral Counseling?

A Pastoral Counselor helps people grow, problem solve and heal through exploring God's perspective on an issue and applying biblical principles, the power of God and the support of the church to a given need.

Pastoral Counseling differs from clinical counseling in that clinical counseling relies on psychological testing and other therapies.

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone has a story to tell and sometimes we find ourselves stuck in our journey. Finding a safe place to tell one's story is vital for writing the next chapter.

Do you need a place of refuge from the effects of fear, worries, stress, emotional hurt, forgiveness and anger? Are you struggling with guilt, fear, regret, divorce, retirement, grief or loss? Are you part of a military family, a missionary, or an expat in transition? Oasis is a place to experience grace in the midst of life circumstances, so that one can begin to find healing and hope again.

No matter what season of life you find yourself in, you may need some help along the way.

Feel free to call (803-790-5103) or   to setup an appointment.

Who Is Rhonda Failoni?

Rhonda Failoni earned a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Formation from Columbia International University. As a Pastoral Counselor she has a passion to come alongside others in their trials, offering a safe non-judgmental place to be authentic in their struggles. It is her desire to help others navigate difficult times and transitions experienced in life, and together discover the springs of living water that can be found in Christ through an Oasis.

She and her husband Jody have been married for 30 years. Together their passion for the Gospel has taken them around the world. They lived and worked at International schools in China and the United Arab Emirates. They have four children, a son-in-law and two grandchildren.

Rhonda offers a discount to NTBC members.