To Applicants for Endowed Scholarships and Grants

 Because of the generosity of three former members of North Trenholm Baptist Church and their interest in helping specific pursuits for others in need of assistance, this church is able to offer help in the form of scholarships or grants from the following three endowments.

The Thomas Leonard Trust was established by Mr. Leonard in his will to assist graduating high school students planning to pursue a career or college education, or deserving college students, provided any recipient is a member of North Trenholm Baptist Church.  Depending on the earnings of the endowment, one-time scholarships are typically awarded by the Scholarship Committee based on participation in this church’s youth group and financial need.  These scholarships are awarded by a Special Committee of individuals named in the Leonard will.

Eunice L. Watkins Scholarship Endowment was established by Mrs. Watkins in her will to assist full-time undergraduate or graduate students in an institution of higher learning with preference going to Members of North Trenholm Baptist Church, or if none, applicants from Richland County, South Carolina.  This scholarship will typically only be one per year and must be based on demonstrated financial need.  At the discretion of the Scholarship Committee, this scholarship may be awarded to the same individual more than one year but is for only one year at a time.  An application must be received each year. These scholarships are awarded by the Finance Committee of the church, serving as the Scholarship Committee.

Andrew Lawrence Williams Trust was established by Mrs. Nancy Jarrett in her will in memory of her late son.  Grant recipients must be young adults 18 or older working in a Christian endeavor approved or sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention.  Critical in the Grant Committee’s consideration will be demonstrated financial need showing the award is absolutely critical to the ministry being done at all.  These grants or scholarships are awarded by the Finance Committee of the church, serving as the Grant Committee.

 If you would like to apply for one of these endowment awards, please Click Here and complete the following pages and submit the application no later than Sunday,  April 25, 2018 to:

North Trenholm Baptist Church Scholarship and Grant Committee
ATTN:  Director of Stewardship
6515 North Trenholm Road
Columbia, SC 29206


Or you can Email the completed application to our Director of Stewardship  


Scholarship/Grant Committees of North Trenholm Baptist Church