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Caring for the Community - International Teachers

Each year over 140 teachers from around the world move into our community to help fill positions in Richland 1 & 2.  They are only allowed to bring so much with them and are given temporary housing but are also required to reimburse the placement agency for it. Thus, with their low teacher salary they need to find a place to stay and furnish, manage transportation and food cost, and repay this debt, as well as other classroom related expenses that all teachers end up paying.  Our Columbia Metro Baptist Association and area churches are joining together to help bridge this gap and establish relationships with these teachers to help ease their transition and share the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ with them.


There are 3 primary ways we can collectively help: By providing (1) furniture and household items, (2) $50 gift card for necessities and (3) luncheons, to build relationships among themselves and church members, to help them establish a healthy community.

To join in on this effort please email You can contribute any amount by designating a gift to "International Teachers" (these funds are for the $50 Walmart gift card and help with luncheon expenses for the international teachers who are in our area schools) or you can volunteer to assist in picking up or delivering furniture as well as helping with an international teacher banquet at North Trenholm.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2024


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