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Sundays | 9:00-10:00 am 

We meet every Sunday morning at 9 am.  You can expect a short icebreaker before we jump right into our lesson and discussion time led by our awesome leaders.  We use the Gospel Foundations curriculum.  The goal of Sunday School is to get our students talking about their faith, challenge them to go deeper and provide a safe community to share.

Wednesdays | 6:00 - 7:30

MDWK is our weekly student worship service.  Each week we have a fun time with some games, a time of worship and a short teaching time.  We teach through series that are meant to help connect students' faith with the real world around them.  We also create opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and get involved in leading worship and other parts of the service.

Life Groups 

Life groups exist to ensure that each student within our ministry is being intentionally discipled. These will be small discipleship groups that take place at various times throughout the week depending on the group. Once registered for a group you will be contacted by your leader with specific details. Every life group will be devoted to spending time in prayer and studying the Word of God together.

Our passion is to see everyone, from cradle to college, find their place in God's mission to share the gospel, make disciples, and live on mission.

At North Trenholm Students we want to see that happen among the middle school and high school students here in Columbia.  

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Our Curriculum

This seven-volume series for teens leads students through an in-depth, one-year study of key biblical figures throughout the Bible. By studying the lives of these individuals, students will learn that God loves His people and works through us for His glory in the world..

The Characters Bible Study for Teens will provide our students with:

  • Learn more about God through the way He worked in the lives of biblical people
  • Grow in your understanding of the history, culture, geography, and context of biblical times
  • See how believers today can learn lessons from people of the Bible while avoiding their mistakes

This summer, we want to provide an intentional format for Sunday morning Bible studies to equip our church body; we are planning a 9-Week study called Summer Seminars. During the months of June and July, we are going to offer 6 Seminars during our Sunday School hour where people can choose which class they would like to attend. We pray that everyone from students to senior adults can gather to receive some incredible teachings while also becoming intentional in building intergenerational relationships at North Trenholm. In August, we plan to move back to our usual format, but this time would provide a tremendous blessing to grow in the seminars being taught and give us opportunities to be encouraged by others in our faith family. We pray that new friendships will begin to be formed across the church and that intentional relationships for discipleship can begin to flourish. 

  • Spiritual Disciplines: Praying with Paul:   |  A302
    It is often said that what breathing is to living, prayer is to the Christian life. Yet, if we are honest most of us struggle with prayer. We start with good intentions and desires, yet five minutes in our mind's drift as distractions abound. In this nine week study, you will learn how to grow in your prayer life by praying like the Apostle Paul.

  • Gospel Centered Community: Cultivating Meaningful Relationships   |  A305
    We all have a desire for meaningful relationships. We all want to be known by others beyond the superficiality that often marks relationships. Gospel centered community is not simply a good idea. The Bible calls Christians to be the initiators of meaningful relationships. Over the course of nine weeks, learn how God's word challenges you to pursue Gospel centered community.

  • NT - Colossians:   |  A205
    The easiest way to spot a counterfeit  is to be intimately familiar with the original. This is true in banking, and it is true in Christianity. The easiest way to be alert to false teaching is to be intimately familiar with true teaching. In this nine week study, you will go deep in the book of Colossians, seeing the truth of the Gospel, "which is Christ in you, the hope of glory."

  • OT - Jonah:  |  A202
    Grace. We know we all need it. The book of Jonah is a book about God's grace that redeems sinners and makes them saints. Yet, for many of us grace has ceased to amaze us. It is easy for saints to shift into thinking that grace is for sinners, while thinking they have outgrown their need for grace. In this nine week study through Jonah, see with fresh eyes God's grace for sinners and saints alike.

  • Life on Mission: What is the Gospel?   |  CHAPEL
    The greatest need for every single person on earth is the Gospel. As Christians, we often speak about the Gospel. But, we don't often define the Gospel. Over the course of nine weeks you will study the biblical foundation of the Gospel, equipping you to faithfully love and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Core Beliefs: The Attributes of God    |  VENUE
    Who is God? "What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us" wrote, A.W. Tozer. For some, God is distant and far removed from our daily lives. For others, God is simply someone just like us. In this nine week study, see how the Bible reveals God and His attributes as one who is all powerful and all loving.


All volunteers are required to submit to a thorough background check.




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