Why do we need a capital campaign?

A hinderance we must overcome is the $1.2 million in debt we still owe on our Student Building. By joining together to FINISH THE RACE we will not only free up almost $140k we pay in debt yearly but we will also be able to utilize that and much more strategic ministry.

Why are we aiming for MORE than just finishing the debt?

God is calling our church to do more to reach the city for Christ. After doing some research, we've realized that our church family has the ability to raise $1.8 million, which in turn would give us freedom to do some much-needed renovations across our campus, would fund strategic ministries and support mission goals we have for the future.

Should my pledge be in addition to my normal giving?

Yes. Many of you faithfully contribute to the church already. But to FINISH THE RACE it will require us all to take a step of faith and give sacrificially. Our prayer is that through this campaign, you will place a high value in investing in what God is doing in and through His church. Regular giving allows for the daily operation of the church and its ministries.

How can we meet our goal of $1.8 million?

It's going to require as many of us who can to get on the team! We need at least 250 people to commit to help us reach this 3-year goal. Every gift and pledge of every size is crucial for us to FINISH THE RACE. Some can commit to more than $1,000/mo, some $400/mo, some $125/mo. No matter the amount every dollar helps. Please pray about what God is leading you to give.